Pro zájemce o zapojení do výzkumu v mezinárodním projektu

Application Pack

The Faculty of Education, Charles University, is contracting a researcher to work on a new 2-year project which will focus on monitoring the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) for children with intellectual disabilities.

The project aims to analyze through research conducted in the 27 Member States the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) from the perspective of children with an intellectual disability. The expected outcome of the project is to empower children and disability NGOs to lobby for higher impact of the CRC for children with intellectual disabilities and better combat all forms of violence against this group of children.

The main outputs of the project will be:

* 27 national reports about the implementation of the CRC from an intellectual disability perspective in all the Member States of the EU
* European comparative report on the implementation of the CRC from an intellectual disability perspective
* European Symposium in Brussels
* European Conference on Children’s Rights

The main partners in the project will be Charles University in Prague, and two European-wide NGOs: Inclusion Europe (more information at: and Eurochild (more information at:

The monthly salary will be 22.000 CZK and the expected working time is a full time position (40 hours per week). The position will be based in Inclusion Europe’s office in Prague, in Karlin (Prague 8).

Applicants are invited to submit their CV and motivation letter until Monday 25 January 2010 to the following email addresses: and

Applicants must mention the following points:

* Description of knowledge and experience in the area of human rights, the rights of disabled persons, and/or children’s rights.
* Experience of data collection and of the development of research tools.
* Two references who should know the applicant in a work or study capacity. (Referees will not be contacted without prior permission.)
* The earliest possible date to take up employment.
* Level of language skills (English)
* Level of computer skills



Main duties

* To attend several Partnership Meetings in Brussels throughout the two-year project with the project partners
* To develop a research tool, under the supervision of the Scientific Adviser and the Project manager, on the implementation of CRC from the perspective of children with intellectual disabilities for use by the 27 national experts involved in the research.
* To assist in training 27 national experts on how to use the methodology developed in their own countries
* To develop and propose indicators and benchmarks to allow comparison between different countries
* To compare the 27 national reports and produce a European comparative report, containing information on relevant policies and legislation in different Member States, statistical data in the 27 Member States and general analysis of the realization of the rights of children with intellectual disabilities in Europe, under the supervision of the Scientific Adviser and the Project manager
* To liaise with the project coordinators in Inclusion Europe’s offices in Prague and Brussels to ensure timely and accurate data collection and completion of reports

Additional duties

* To assist the project coordinator from Inclusion Europe at Inclusion Europe’s Prague office and the Scientific Adviser at the Charles University.

Person Specification



* Experience in research, data collection and compiling reports.
* Knowledge of Human Rights frameworks within the EU and at international and national level


* Knowledge and experience of children’s rights and/or rights of people with intellectual disabilities
* Knowledge of developing research tools, methodologies and templates
* Knowledge of NGO structures at national and/or EU level
* Knowledge and experience of disability policies at national and/or EU level



* Ability to develop research tools and to collect, analyse and compile data in a clear and efficient way
* Ability to work effectively and fluently in English (written and spoken)
* Ability to manage complex workloads and to plan and prioritise
* Computer literacy and ability to be self-supporting


* Ability to work in other European languages



* Experience in research on human rights of vulnerable people
* Experience in research on people with intellectual disabilities or children’s rights


Willingness and ability to work flexible hours according to the demands of the job

Ability to travel throughout Europe